Right Horizons Portfolio Management

Privately Managed investment group with 9+ years of heritage in investing in Indian Capital markets, focussing on delivering superior risk adjusted return.

Right Horizons Portfolio Management Services offers a customized investment avenue for HNI clients. Investors, through our schemes would have access to virtually every asset class in India through a single window. The schemes are tailored to suit individual investor’s objective, time horizon and risk profile.

We believe and adhere to investment principles that have stood the test of time. “Invest in what you know” the mantra propounded by legendary investor and stock picker Peter Lynch continues to be our guide post. We constantly strive towards being the best PMS service in India.

Our core advantage lies in consistent and disciplined approach during all market conditions while following our fund house philosophy.

Right Horizons Fund House Philosophy

We strive to deliver a superior risk adjusted return through a robust risk management methodology, using a structured investment process and an in depth Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis Framework.

9+ Years of Track Record

9 Managed Strategies

₹500 Cr + Global Investments

>75 Years of Team Experience

300+ Registered Clients

Segregated Managed Account

Segregated Managed Account (SMA) is a flexible way of managing your wealth with Right Horizons Portfolio Services. It provides the investor the twin benefit of following the traditional approach to wealth management while simultaneously building in the flexibility to execute timely decisions that could impact the portfolio over just a phone call or an e-mail.

The major benefits of maintaining this account and pre-requisites of opening this account are explained below

Pillars of RH PMS

At Right Horizons PMS, we focus on the following few parameters:


Every type of financial investment can be done through this account


The highest standards of transparency maintained by engaging IL & FS Securities & Services Ltd. (ISSL) as our custodian

Low Cost

It offers the most competitive pricing structure currently available to the Indian investor


Just like your personal financial position is unique, this account is unique and tailored as per your objectives, risk profile and goals


100% paperless account with a single view of all your investments. Completly automated execution and reporting